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There's a whole new market for NSW South Coast cheesemakers: Surrender monkeys.
In news just to hand, South Coast Labour Council secretary Arthur Rorris is pressing the Wollongong Council to defect to France.
The NSW south coast city's unions and employers have joined together to appeal to the consul general of France.
``If the Australian government won't represent the interests of Australians, how embarrassing will it be if we go to another government and say `our government won't represent us, will you?','' asked South Coast Labour Council secretary Arthur Rorris.
``It is a disgrace that our government has stooped to this level and that we have to resort to appealing to another country, namely France, to exercise their veto against war.''
Mr Rorris said a delegation from Wollongong, including Lord Mayor Alex Darling, would approach the consul general of France in Sydney next Tuesday.
However, a spokesman for Mr Darling said although the mayor would be in Sydney on Tuesday, he had not yet agreed to accompany the delegation.
If he attended the meeting, Mr Darling would present the consul general with a resolution taken by Wollongong City Council last month, urging Prime Minister John Howard not to involve Australian citizens in a war with Iraq, the spokesman said.
The resolution implored Mr Howard to work with the United Nations to seek a peaceful solution.
``Wollongong is a declared city of peace and a nuclear-free zone and council will be strongly putting forward the community's sentiments,'' Mr Darling said at the time the resolution was passed.
The Wollongong alliance did have the support of Candelo Bulk Wholefoods, a small business in the NSW far south coast town of Bega which intends to withhold 10 per cent of its PAYG tax when filing its next Business Activity Statement in April.
``It is the percentage of our tax that the government spends on defence,'' Candelo said in a letter to the South Coast Labour Council.
``The money will instead be donated to the Bega Valley Rural Australians for Refugees.''

We'd hate to cloud this burgeoning affair, but how do the lefties from the South Coast Labour Council and hippies from the wholefoods co-op feel about Pacific atomic tests and scuttling of the Rainbow Warrior?


Demonstrating that US students are not all in the thrall of their fossilised old lefty hippy lecturers, a hefty slab of undergraduates are expected to hit the nation's bars this weekend for a "Beer for Bombs" national student drink-off.
The National Youth and Student War Coalition (NYSWC) has called on students on campuses across the United States to join in a two-day student strike on March 7th and 8th, 2003. On the evening of those days NYSWC supporters will go to bars and watering holes in solidarity with students across the country, to show support for the war on Iraq. THE HOOSIER REVIEW points out that all students drinking and having fun at bars on March 7th and 8th will of course be celebrating their freedom to take part in such an act - freedoms not afforded to the youth of Iraq.
And the beaut thing is that even us old farts can join in. Organisers appreciate that not all youth are students, and that not only youth would want to participate! That is why the Pro-War Rally is so important. Anyone who favors a war in Iraq can go to a bar and cast their vote for it by drinking at least one beer.
So, line 'em up Mo! Gotta thirst that could start a war!


ASPARAGIRL torches the bimboes behind a piece of idiocy branded the The Lysistrata Project. It's based on an ancient Greek play in which women withold sexual favours until men stop warmongering. As Asparagirl points out the campaign is a patronising piece of hot steaming that assumes women in total are passive, gentle, loving creatures who'd never take violent action against injustice. She's hot:
What rubbish. I shouldn't support waging war on a mass-killing dictator because as a woman, my place is to elevate discourse and consensus and eschew "manly", messy action? They're even implying that if I am not a peaceful, good-mannered, right-thinking woman like them, a woman for peace, then perhaps I am not really a woman at all? And these are the women who are telling me this?

The post is brilliantly illustrated:

This graphic was created by then-17-year-old Eliza Gauger
in the wake of 9/11. What a talent!


Self-appointed media watchdog STEVE MAYNE at CRIKEY is most judgemental today, issuing the following commentary on various foes:

patronising and colonialist demeanor

ruthlessly trying to exploit

on the grubby rehabilitate Batch campaign

No big business would have either of them

incompetent management under her watch

dodgy retirement castle king

cranky boards and editors who have been sledged in one way or another and hold big grudges

But still no response from Steve on suggestons by TIM BLAIR and myself that he goes soft on the ABC's disgraceful Media Watch because of self interest.

Perhaps he was near the mirror when firing his final shot today from the bunker:

Journalists, we've discovered, are very thin-skinned




MP Ann Clwyd is well to the left of the British Labour Party. But unlike lefties elsewhere she hasn't let anti-Americanism cloud her support for the victims of tyrants. She has forged truly compassionate bonds with the innocent victims of Saddam's barbaric reign. Her story is told in today's DAILY TELEGRAPH.


Former prisoners showed her around. On the walls were hundreds of photographs of piles of clothing, mass graves and skulls. "Saddam's regime is like the Khmer Rouge and the Nazis; they are obsessed by documenting everything they've done. There are lots of photographs of prisoners just before they were executed, grinning at the cameras. The guards tickled them before they died to make them laugh."



TIM BLAIR in THE BULLETIN has revealed why media watchdog CRIKEY has been so soft-cough about its ABC counterpart MEDIA WATCH'S reluctance to dig into the distortion of news in the ABC's Sydney newsroom and other inhouse misdemeanours.
Blair reports:
"Crikey's philosophy is to 'disclose, disclose, disclose'," according to Stephen Mayne, proprietor of watchdog web site "If you put all the facts on the table, the punters will be better informed. Information is power in this modern world and we are all about distributing both as widely as possible."
Then why hasn't Crikey disclosed, disclosed, disclosed the fact that one of its more prominent columnists is a staffer at the ABC's Media Watch program? Punters who are curious about Mayne's unusual praise for the tame show – David Marr "is without doubt the best Media Watch host we've had yet" – deserve to be better informed.


UNCLE at ABC WATCH again stylishly pitches it up to the flyblown pseuds at the national broadcaster.

OTHER PEOPLES' MEDIA WATCH has failed yet again in its duty to examine its publicly-funded colleagues.
David Marr seems content to be the All-in Wrestling of media commentary.
A flabby over-weight, under-punching poseur of a program. Should be put down before it demonstrates narcolepsy on camera.



Alas, the party had to end. After two months of idleness, blogging, travel and homage to Bacchus, it's back to the coalmine. First shift back I drew the racing pages which only served to remind me that my last weekend of leave was spent in the company of neighbourhood reprobates on a golf trip to the lovely city of Albury. Well away from my email box, I was unable to open my weekly racing tips from Michael Manley and it was only on my return I discovered he'd maintained his average in tipping winners. Suffice to say his selection of the day was Yell which duly greeted the judge for a handy profit for its supporters. Not me.
Anyway, my back-in-stalag gloom was lifted by a lively rant in this morning's letters column at THE AGE.

Having deserted its working-class roots and embraced chardonnay socialism, free trade, deregulation, privatisation and illegal immigrants, we see the ALP sinking deeper and deeper into oblivion. Some of its politicians apparently think they can resurrect it by pulling stunts that are becoming increasingly bizarre.
Just take Carmen Lawrence, the champion of minority groups, who banished herself to the back bench after embarrassing her leader by opposing his detention policies. Then, while drumming up as much media coverage as possible, she teamed with Jim Scott from the Greens and tried to board the USS Abraham Lincoln. And to top it all, she is now calling for our children to wag school tomorrow to support her anti-war protests.
Politicians are elected by the people to look after the national interest. But clowns like Lawrence - and Labor's new kid on the block, Kirstie Marshall, with her spotlight-grabbing babe-in-Parliament number last week - seem hell-bent on doing just the opposite.
Ernest Della, Westminster