Brain graze



A week of cruising and carousing in the far northern corners of this state have left the Slatts' wallet emaciated. We're in dire need of funds to keep our corner publican's kids in college and Mrs Slatts in hats and gloves.
When penuary descends there is only one solution: a quicker than average chaff-burner.
It takes nerves of steel. After both selections failed last week to deliver a crumb to hapless punters, Magic Mick Manley's strike rate has plummeted to 50 per cent. Not to worry, he's determined to get bookies' cheeks clenching this week and no stone has been left unturned in his search for equine excellence. Manley's prognostications:
Today back THE EXPAT (Race 2, No.4). Goes very quickly and should (hopefully) keep going. Also PANORAMA HEIGHTS (Race 5, No.8) each-way. Is short for an each-way bet but guaranteed of running a place and TIO BELLE (Race 7, No.5) each-way. Also take TIO BELLE with THE MIGHTY LIONS (Race 7, No.2) in an exacta.
More on our rustic sojourn in later blogs.