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Nothing accelerated the shift by rational Australian thinkers from left to right as forcefully as the Whitlam Government. This review of those years, 1972-75, by PADDY McGUINNESS in Quadrant touches on the corruption, incompetence and folly of that administration and shows that EG Whitlam has absolutely no justification for being such a conceited boofhead.
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Our punters' pal, Magic Mick Manley, is all out to maintain a 100% strike rate at Caulfield today.
He suggests the best chance of fleecing the books lies with WHITE MIST (Race 5, No.7) to win and each-way or straight out SAMDIN (Race 7, No.2).
Not a lot of value, admits the magician, but hey, it's better than losing.



Any doubts about lunatics running the asylum should be firmly squelched following this tidbit to Crikey's subscription post:


A marketing expert writes:

As someone who's studied PR and marketing, this has to be the DUMBEST ABC directive I have ever seen.


"A reminder from the Network Editor to TV reporters to avoid wearing clothing with logos including ABC logos.

If you do wear a top with an ABC worm on it please ensure it is framed out of any PTCs (piece-to-camera or standups)."


Anyone with a shred of nous on brand awareness knows, any opportunity to get that logo on air must be grabbed with both hands.

The ABC like many media organisations spends a small fortune on logoed merchandise to identify its people in the field... why the hell waste such a prime opportunity to reinforce the brand in a stand-up?

Would love to hear what PR and marketing professionals have to say on this...

Regards, ABC Insider



Notice lefty Australian bloggers are whining like old Chevvy diffs about the lack of reform from the Howard Government. Being idealistic youngsters they don't realise the last thing the average Australian wants is more activism and interference by government. Surely, that was the clearest message delivered in the republic referendum. A major reason for Howard's burgeoning popularity is the lack of "Big Picture'' visions. Australians are sceptical enough to know that nothing from government comes without cost and the third biggest lie is "I'm here from the government to help you.'' Essentially Australians want government to help educate their kids, assist their oldies to have comfort enroute to the grave, to keep out external enemies and lock up internal foes. Fix the potholes in the road, look after our national treasures and that's about it. Oh, and instead of "visionary projects'' give us all an overdue, sizeable tax cut.
Yes, I know, fat chance.
In the meantime have a chuckle at this news fresh to hand. Ironically sourced from a shiny bum at Centrelink.

The Government announced today it was changing its emblem to a condom because it more clearly reflects the Government’s political stance.
A condom stands up to inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks and gives you a sense of security while you’re actually being screwed.



Left-liberal correspondent for The Independent Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is the type you'd expect to loudly applaud quid-chasing pseudo rebel Michael Moore.
Yasmin liked some of Moore's recent London show, but then he displayed true colours. She explains:
What we did not expect was to feel so enraged at one point that we almost walked out. It was when Moore went into a rant about how the passengers on the planes on 11 September were scaredy-cats because they were mostly white. If the passengers had included black men, he claimed, those killers, with their puny bodies and unimpressive small knives, would have been crushed by the dudes, who as we all know take no disrespect from anybody. God save us from such stupid white men, especially now, when in the US and the UK, black people's lives are being ripped to shreds by drugs, lawlessness, fear and frightful violence plus the endless circle of racism, exclusion and incarceration. This is not awesome, Mr Moore; it is a calamity, for descendants of slaves unimaginably more so.
Remember this as we mourn the murders of two young Caribbean women, victims, it is believed, of tough black men who control some streets of Birmingham and London and Manchester and who kill because they feel like it and they can. "Young, Gifted and Dead," Metropolitan Police anti-gun crime posters in 2001. They showed real pictures of young men in pools of blood. Nobody took any notice.

The writer signs off pointedly:
While nice liberals and career anti-racists luxuriate in denial, a community implodes.



Exposed again. How sweet it is. Repulsive liar and hypocrite MICHAEL MOORE has been caught again abusing the hired help. The self-proclaimed working stiff's hero cracked it big time during his theatre season in London because his talent wasn't suitably rewarded.
This follows the row he caused at a book signing in the States when he forced staff into overtime for no pay so he could continue selling his pathetic tomes.
In London, the obese sackershit verbally attacked everyone associated with the theatre because he thought he wasn't being paid enough. During the performance he complained he was making just $750 a night.
A member of the stage crew says, "He completely lost the plot. He stormed around all day screaming at everyone, even the £5-an-hour bar staff, telling them how we were all conmen and useless. Then he went on stage and did it in public." Staff retaliated by refusing to work the following night, which led to the show being held up for an hour.



Stewart Kelly wants all you righties and lefties to stop abusing each other and recognise that you both have valid points of view and should respect each other. Hmmm, sounds like Stew could be partial to a bit of that "different truths'' crap emanating from the po-mo academies.

Stew opines:
Some on the right like to portray the left as one big organic mass of stupidity. One that is not composed of individuals with varying modes of thought on various issues, but is instead made up of one big mass who all think pretty much the same thing on all issues.

Trouble is those of us who've drifted right from what Matthew Hayden describes as Fluffydom know that to line up with the modern left is to tote a burden of bullshit. Just consider some of the rubbish you must accept as truths to be a card-carrying, bourgois bohemian leftwinger.

Government money and effort will solve social problems: Oh yes, there's never been more welfare dollars, social workers and government programs, yet we still have record amounts of crime, addiction, homelessness, child abuse etc.

The glass ceiling stops women achieving their full potential at the top of corporations and institutions. Er, it is also a pretty formidable barrier for 99.8 per cent of the male population. Chiefs get their positions because they're bigger pricks than anyone else. They're not necessarily there because they've got bigger pricks than anyone else, or that they've got pricks at all.

Affirmative action: How anyone can accept racial or gender discrimination on the grounds that others were victims of discrimination is beyond me. You ought to hear my Scottish mate itemising the reparations bill from his Italian (Roman) wife. Hilarious.

Manmade global warming: The smartest minds in the world -- including Alan McCallum -- haven't looked like reaching consensus on this. Yet funds-chasing lab rats, greenie flat-earthers, dumb media and scare-mongering politicians would have rainforests on Macquarie Island before the decade is out.

The US is the hellhole from which everything evil emanates: Trouble with this viewpoint is that so much of what the left embraces are also US exports -- political correctness, moral relevance, anglo-celtic-christian bigotry, dead white male hatred, the victim industry etc, etc. Guess that's good US stuff. Bad US stuff is liberal democracy, dynamic economy, freedom of speech and preparedness to belt the living tripe out of evil bastards.

Unlike some bloggers, I don't consider myself a vehement anti-leftie. I admire the left in its traditional role, fighting for and winning a fair go for battlers and society's true victims. But those old lefties bear no resemblance to the careerists and bullshit artists who carry the left banner today.



Bewdy! We start 2003 on a winning streak. Magic Mick Manley's first tip for the year, Gazania, gets up to return $44 for a $10 each way outlay. His next selection, You Little Beaut, romps home by five lengths and pays out $53 for the $10 ew. With the $180 won on Wednesday, it's turned out a profitable first week for the year. Sign of things to come? Watch this space next Saturday morning.