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As promised, this blog returns in 2003 with our weekly turf tips from acclaimed chaffburner critic, Michael Manley. I'm feeling a mite lucky after investing $10 each way on Wednesday on galloper Bold Bard, who duly saluted the judge at the generous odds of 14/1.
Mick's specials for today are racing in Melbourne and are GAZANIA (Race 4, No.1) Win and YOU LITTLE BEAUT (Race 7, nO.4).



Poor old Diana Ross must have been thoroughly bombed. How else could you explain a statement from a superstar diva that leaves out the first person singular?


Two people are suing a Domino's Pizza outlet in New York state, claiming they found pubic hair on their pizza.
Wonder what was in their soup?


With comments like this, US ham John Cusack could be expected to hold the high moral ground:
"Bush means Dick Cheney, Tom DeLay, and all these ... crypto-fascists are gonna get in and start carving up the pie and handing in all their markers to the Republican Party that's been itching to get back into power," Cusack is quoted in NEWS MAX'S Left Coast Report.

The New York Post recently exposed Cusack as a dodgy opportunist who has a helluva cheek sermonising on anything. The Post reported that Cusack is fond of a practice he calls "celebrity looting." In an interview with Black Book magazine, he explained what the activity entails:

Cusack pointed out a clothing store to the interviewer and said, "We did celebrity looting there. … They asked me to come over, patronize the store, pick up some stuff. So I took all my friends over, and we went straight for the $8,000 rack of leather coats and took a bunch. The managers, they get all nervous and twitchy. They freak. But you just look at 'em really hard and walk out. That's celebrity looting."


Perhaps they wanted to clone him.
THE SCOTSMAN reports that a French driver who raced through a motorway road block, triggering a high-speed police car chase that ended in a minor crash, has blamed aliens from Mars for his reckless driving.


From the bleeding obvious column of The Age today:
Horses use catapult-like properties in the biceps of their legs in order to run, according to a study published in Nature.
Large animals with long limbs have a problem when they run, because they have to kick out their legs quickly to allow their feet to be on the ground in time for the next step.

Er, it's called galloping. Sometimes in the back pages of The Age, they have pictures of horses doing it.
What next? A finding from Science Journal announcing that polar bears have fur coats because they live in a cold climate?



Has there ever been a more aptly named sportsman?
One of the favourites for this week's Geelong West Classic Pairs lawn bowls event is one:
Matt Flapper!



Simply beautiful. That's the only way to describe PROFESSOR BUNYIP'S demolition of some SMH FILL-IN'S proposition that Australian-born rednecks in Sydney's outer suburbs keep Howard in power. The Prof sizzles:
Millett's whole argument is a sack of crap -- and for that, we can all be both proud and grateful. In Penrith, we have a suburb marked by high levels of home ownership, peaceful coexistence between people from scores of different ethnic backgrounds, rising incomes and an upcoming generation that will do even better than their parents. As a case study, Penrith represents the commonsense and practical tolerance of the real Australia -- the country that, after World War II, accepted a greater proportion of migrants and assimilated them with fewer problems than any other society in the world. That achievement disgusts the ALP's socio-ethnic engineers, its branch-stackers and multicultural grant grubbers, for whom Howard's election victories were direct refutations of every toxic tenet of their divisive philosophy.