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Blogsters, let's track down reporter Jeffrey Scott Shapiro. According to the deservedly revered Mark Steyn, writing in the Telegraph, Shapiro has a story that should be told far and wide.
Steyn writes:
Among the more interesting Muslim items this past year was a story that appeared last October 11 in the Journal News, a suburban New York newspaper. It concerned a student in a Brooklyn high school, who, on September 6, 2001, stared out of the window and told his teacher: "See those two buildings? They won't be standing there next week."
Many of us heard similar stories - supposedly "urban legends" - in the weeks after September 11, but only one reporter did anything about them. Jeffrey Scott Shapiro interviewed the teacher, Antoinette DiLorenzo, and the boy's brother - they're Palestinian immigrants. The Journal News ran the piece on page seven, lest it provoke - all together now - "a backlash". The story held up, which is more than Shapiro's career did. By the end of the day, he was no longer the Journal News crime reporter.


No word from tipster extraodinaire Magic Mick Manley this a.m., so those wishing to elevate their standard of living this afternoon may wish to benefit from my extended research of the neddy pages of today's Geelong Advertiser. Five of six tipsters in the Addy -- including Magic Mick, on loan from the Herald Sun -- have gone for the same three nags to place in Race 4 at the Valley. Box Yell (1), Chowpie (2) and Super Groove (6) in the trifecta for a good shot at a healthy dividend. Our last good collect, Magical Miss, (8) is deservedly favourite in Race 6, the Feehan Stakes and yes, she won't pay much, but any price a winner. Mick's newspaper special is Bidaily (8) in Race 8 and I agree with him, it's a stand-out.


Terrible news from Tim Blair that incomparable rocker, Warren Zevon, has terminal cancer and will not be with us for much longer. Continuous updates at BLOG CRITICS.
This blog revealed a couple of months back Zevon's collaboration with Carl Hiaasen in the Floridian author's latest foray into the world of bizarre criminality --- BASKET CASE.

Zevon and Hiaasen penned a song together, Basket Case, an MP3 which is available at Hiaasen's web site..



Down that drink, ash that butt, cease that strop, do not do another thing until you have visited darling Derek Sapphire the most sensitive new-age cross dresser in the blogosphere.


I'm claiming the GOTCHA! of the month. And I wasn't even trying.
After Professor Bunyip took the blowtorch to Melbourne University wankademic Janet McCalman, leaving a smouldering reputational ruin, I dashed off an e-mail to McCalman suggesting the Prof had toasted her and expressing my relief that my offspring had avoided enrolment within her ivy-covered confines.
I also sent her a link to the Prof's toxic piece.
Now, one of the shortcomings of my existence is to have the same name as a former apparatchik of the loonie Left Victorian teachers union.
Memo to self: Write in tabloid style, understandable by an 8-y-o.
McCalman thought I was her comrade from the People's Republic of Marxist Pedagogery and replied thus:

Dear Bernard,
Thanks for that info. I've received a lot of hate mail since early Sunday and realised yesterday that a website was promoting extracts from the article which completely misrepresent what I was saying.
It's really frightening to get a sense of the hate in the world towards all Muslims. This is far more vicious than the pro Pauline anti Aboriginal Rights stuff I copped a few years ago.
Most of the threats I've received have come from redneck US men who clearly got it from a website: eg democracy can only work when all citizens are armed etc.
This is not a good time for the world. Terrific article by Geoffrey Robertson this morning in the Age.
Best wishes to you and Deidre

The worst thing about it is one of my wife's (Anne) best friends is a Deidre.
Dear Dorothy, should I tell my wife the whole unlikely story?
Answer: You are so stupid you should be on the staff at Melbourne Uni. Imagine your wife's reply: ''You send an insulting e-mail to a senior academic at Melbourne University and you seriously expect me to believe that she thought you were her friend offering her encouragement? I'm ringing that bitch Deidre now!''
Yes, on second thoughts it's delete button time.



It's a definite health hazard to hurl vitriol at ANDREA HARRIS. A turd-cuddler by the name of Jim Wolstead opted to play insults with the Queen of Spleen. She was tolerant for a while but eventually his invective became too invasive. Here's her opening salvo:

Some ass-licking butterclown calling himself "Jim Wolstead" has appointed himself my critic. Apparently I don't talk about things HE cares about, so like scores of asshats before him he has taken it upon himself to castigate me. Incidentally, "Jim Wolstead's" IP resolves to some French website. I don't know if that means anything, unless it indicates that someone is giving the whores in Marseilles a hard time. You may see his comments in this post. Normally I don't mind getting into a slagging match with some idiot, but I'm sick of this jerk.



The once-worthy Crikey site has disappointed with its limp-wristed approach to media manipulation by idealogues.
Steve Mayne and Co beaver away at corporate crooks with flair and zeal, if not with a great deal of success.
But Mayne, who still likes to swing with the latte crowd, is far more tolerant of the bludgers and commissars at the ABC than he is of many of his contemporaries in business. Doesn't he realise who's first up against the wall when the Big Day comes?
Below is his pathetic appraisal today of transparently biased ABC commentator David Marr's Media Watch last night (It's from the sealed list, thus no link) and my comments in italics emailed to him today:

Crikey enjoyed David Marr's hatchet job on Sydney's right wing columnists and shock jocks such as Piers Akerman, Alan Jones, Janet Albrechtsen and Miranda Devine (only a cameo) during last night's Media Watch.

For God's sake, how often does it have to be pointed out? Alan Jones et al are not shock jocks. Weird Al is a shock jock; with a bit of interaction Roy and HG could be shock jocks; and Tim Blair and Imre were probably shock jocks to their miniscule audience during their brief sojourn on Radio National. Shock jocks operate on the margins. Alan Jones, Stan the Maniac, Pricey and the Golden Tonsil are mainstream top-rating broadcasters. If you wish to be taken seriously as a media commentator, get it right.

It was the sort of piece that will spark all the usual suspects to accuse Media Watch of running a soft left agenda under Marr.

Courageous Steve, you don't want to be seen as 'a usual suspect' even if it means pointing out the truth.

This is true, but at least his attacks were well-researched and brilliantly executed. The final gag about the Parrot stopping woman only sessions at Auburn pool meaning these poor Islamic girls won't be able to swim when thrown overboard was just priceless.

So you can take the taxpayers' money to produce a supposedly unbiased media commentary, do the opposite and win praise from a supposedly free-market media commentary operation like Crikey. The mind fucking boggles.

Crikey has never met Marr, but he is without doubt the best Media Watch host we've had yet, in spite of his left wing themes.

Says a lot for his predecessors.

Irrespective of his ideology, Marr is practicing investigative journalism. They are fiendishly checking facts and sourcing material to regularly show-up inaccuracies or distortions in the mainstream media. And he's tackling the big issues week after week, albeit leaving some of his lefty mates alone a bit too much.

Irrespective of his idealogy!!??? And shouldn't that be 'practising'. Surely, if he's ignoring the shortcomings of half of those involved in political discourse, he's doing an absolutely shithouse job. Don't just do ya best, Mayne, lift your game.