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Garry Hawthorne of Brisbane writing in The Age today speaks for all us old 50-somethings who are still delighted to learn something new every day. This, of course, means that long ago we learnt we often could be wrong. And spectacularly so on some occasions. Seems there's a few of us, too, if the every-increasing society of lapsed Left pundits is any guide. Garry writes:

Does the fall of Natasha Stott Despoja present a reality check for all those 30-somethings who believe a degree and a few years work provides sufficient wisdom and experience to rule the world?

Poor buggers haven't a chance, really. They're the first wave of 'deconstruction' victims. No heroes, no values and 'no religion, too'.


ATSIC honcho Geoff Clark is not the only big name in Western Victorian Aboriginal politics to front the beak after a pub brawl with the wallopers during Warrnambool's May racing carnival.
Prominent Geelong Koori leader Trevor Edwards has been charged with assaulting police, hindering police and riotous behaviour.
Until recently the chairman of Geelong-based Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative Edwards, 57, of South Valley Road, Highton, is one of five men charged yesterday in Warrnambool Magistrates Court.
Clark, 50, of Kirrae Avenue, Framlingham, is facing 19 charges, including six charges of assaulting police and one of riotous behaviour.
David Wayne Clark, 19, of Framlingham Trust, Framlingham and Lowell James Hunter, 17, of Gay Street, Warrnambool, both face charges of assaulting police, hindering police and riotous behaviour.
Jamie Chatfield, 29, of Merrivale Drive, Warrnambool, faces two charges of refusing to leave licensed premises and one charge each of resisting polices and being drunk and disorderly.
The charges were adjourned to September 11.



You're gone for all money when the world's most successful tabloid turns on you. So don't expect much enthusiasm for the Earth Summit from The Sun's millions of Pom readers.
The London blat has diverged briefly from its usual offering of tits, TV stars and Tottenham tossers to thunder about:

THE sickening champagne and caviar lifestyle being enjoyed by Earth Summit delegates was exposed yesterday.
They are gorging on mountains of lobster, oysters and fillet steak at the Johannesburg conference — aimed at ending FAMINE.
As the summit began yesterday, desperate kids in nearby shanty towns queued for water at standpipes.
Bigwig politicians among the 60,000 delegates, including Deputy PM John Prescott, also get vintage bubbly and brandy.

They might as well shut up shop now.



Any doubts that the United Nations Human Rights Commission is a farce that self-respecting democracies should avoid like snake-bite are removed by the news that tyrannical Libya is to chair the commission's next session.
Africa is due to chair the next session of the commission on a rotational basis, and Libya was nominated by the African regional group. Libya's nomination was confirmed at the recently concluded inaugural summit of the new African Union. The commission will begin its annual session in March 2003.
Over the past decade, Libya has detained government opponents for years without charge or trial, prohibited the formation of political parties or independent non-governmental groups, and muzzled its press. In the past, the Libyan government has also been responsible for torture, "disappearances" and the assassination of political opponents abroad.

Thanks to Alan Anderson for bringing this to my attention as the matter seems to have been ignored by the Australian media, especially the ABC and Fairfax who trumpet from the roof tops any utterance from the UNHRC if it's bagging Australia.
Could it be that those who determine the overseas news diet for Australians could be a little embarrassed by this latest flirtation by their beloved UN with islamofascism? Or have they just missed it?
Conspiracy or SNAFU? With the Oz media, go for a fuck-up nine times out of 10.
Regardless, it just goes to show what an expensive, bloated irrelevance the UN has become. Bit like Philip Adams really.
Full report at HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH.



It's back to the salt mine for another week after Mick's recommendations and my own equine research failed to return on some sizeable wagers. In fact a goodly portion of the salt mine's offerings of last week ended up in the TAB's clutches. Oh well, we had a fine old time at the footy, drinking buckets of Carlton Draught while the Cats played training drill dummies for the premiership-bound Lions. Today, the Queen of Domesticus has set a list of chores for me around the property. However, the sun is shining, the hangover is hammering along nicely and a deckchair and Sunday paper beckon on the sunny side of the house.

Witnessed the (literally) pisstake of the year at the footy. Visited the urinal at half time and of course there was a peanut yapping on his mobile while he streamed the stainless. A bloke moved in between me and the yacker and right in front of him was one of those nickel-plated, grille-like fittings that emit toilet deoderant and look a little like a space-age speaker. This codger -- with the ruddy complexion and tweed jacket of a farmer up for the day at the footy -- leans into the "speaker'' and declares loudly: "I'm at the footy...I'm having a piss...I've got shit for brains...'' on and on. Laugh? I nearly pissed myself!...Well, I did, I suppose... Aw gee, you had to be there.