Brain graze


Ouch! Matters not so cordial in the Melbourne WWW of centre-right and right commentary. Gerry Jackson of the New Australian has sunk the slipper mercilessly into former Kennett sidekick-cum-demoniser Stephen Mayne, publisher of Crikey In one of his diatribes against the bollinger bolshies Gerry includes Steve, who may be a bit soft on the social issues, but is nonetheless a dues paying
market barracker. Gerry writes: And it’s just not the mainstream media that has joined this rotten little
exercise in political destruction. Stephen Mayne*, who runs an online site called Crikey, has
decided to earn brownie points with his former leftwing colleagues in the media by running a personal campaign against Andrew Bolt of The
Herald Sun.

Bolt’s real crime is that he, unlike the gutless Mayne, refuses to joint the anti-Howard lynch mob. This caused the juvenile Mayne to describe Bolt
as a disgrace. Not content with that, the publicity hungry Mayne is also urging his readers to email Bolt, which means harass him. Unlike Mayne,
Bolt does have integrity and there is no doubt in my mind that if he has genuinely erred he will publicly acknowledge the fact. He doesn’t need to
be reminded of his duty by the backstabbing likes of Mayne.

If Mayne was seriously concerned with the truth he’d be giving leftwing journalists a shellacking for their frequent lying. But that would require
guts and integrity, both of which he lacks. Knowing that if his little online publication should fail he would have to rejoin one of the major papers, Mayne has evidently decided that tarring a conservative-minded
journalist, not to mention the government, will be remembered by the leftwing likes of Peter Wilson at News Corp and Hywood and Gawenda at Fairfax when he eventually goes grovelling for a job.

Seems the jig's up in the UK. What with Blair hiding his light under a Bush, the media Left
are staggering along in the dark, becoming more preposterous and less relevant by the minute.
This piece from the Telegraph explains:
ALLEGATIONS of censorship are roiling through the world of Left-wing
magazines as disgruntled writers say they have been muzzled in trying to
challenge their editors' post-September 11 anti-Americanism. John Lloyd, a former
editor of the New Statesman as well as a regular contributor, became so disgusted
by the magazine's "ferociously anti-American coverage" and its savage criticism of
Tony Blair for backing Washington that he wrote a letter for publication
denouncing it. In his letter, Mr Lloyd said the magazine's failure to advance any
kind of alternative to the war on terrorism meant it had opted to "abdicate criticism
and analysis ...